Monday, January 7, 2013

A great blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, Mastin Kipp.

Your job is to love. 

Love is an action, a choice. Love is not really an emotion.

To Love someone is to choose to show up to be devoted to The Divine through that person.
So often in life these days we think that Love is easy or that Love only feels good, but that is not the full extent of what Love is – especially relationship Love.

People think that relationship Love is something that must mask your true feelings, it must always be a euphoric high of some kind or that Love must be a trade.

But that’s not what Love is.

Love is a constant offering to serve to Heart of the person you are in a relationship with. Love is a constant surrendering of your protective ego, so that the Heart can open even more and show you the unknown beauty of its depths.

Love transcends language, religion and belief systems. Love is the deepest gift that we could ever be given by someone and it’s the greatest gift that we could ever give ourselves.

Love is not a trade. Love is not a power trip. Love is not some grandiose expression of infatuation. Love is a humble and subtle power that guides us to grow into titans of giving.

Love asks us to see beyond the fear of our partner, to dive deeper than their ego would want us to and to not leave, even when all that is triggering us wants us to run.

Love shows up when fear is present and asks for more… Love is bigger, Love is brighter, Love is more powerful than any other force in the Uni-verse, because at the core of every cell in the Uni-verse is the deep yearning and desire to Love and be Loved.

Love does not march in with pomp and circumstance. Love whispers. Love silently beckons us to get over ourselves so that we can see the beauty that lay within us and every other sacred soul.

We were not sent to judge, for judgment is just a request for Love. We were sent to Love the parts of ourselves and the world that lack it. We were sent to be the Love in the seeming void of Love.

We, indeed, are the answer. No one is coming, for we have already come.

Our job is to wake up to Love and then be it.

Our job is to Love.

Monday, December 3, 2012

In the palm of your hand. 

I woke up this morning with the phrase "in the palm of my hand" running over and over in my head. Here's where it took me: 

If you have an open heart and can block out all the noise that can consume you, you can return to the simple things and realize that all you really need can easily fit in palm of your hand - Love. Be open. Be kind. Have faith. Be generous. Forgive.

What do you hold in the palm of your hand?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

The past six months I have been very lucky – more often than not, I feel connected to the Universe, tapped into the Divine and just generally in the flow. But, of course, there are times when I’m not. I’m not sure why, maybe fear and ego get in the way but there are days – sometimes many in a row – when I feel like everything I’ve learned and all the hard work I’ve done just flies out the window. It frustrates me that it’s not often clear how I got kicked out of the flow and that can rarely point to one specific thing that gets me back to where I need to be. I wish I could, so that I had some secret recipe to keep the positivity going and zap me right back when I’m struggling.

The best I can do when I’m feeling that way is to meditate, laugh at myself and ask for guidance. And, if I jump outside my own head for a bit, doing things like sneaking love notes into secret places and taking the time to help someone else can help get be back too. Above all, I know that the ultimate fix is just trusting that whatever muck I’m in at the moment is temporary and I’ll soon be back swimming in the flow. I have to remember…just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

How do you get back in the flow when fear, ego and the general messiness of life make you feel disconnected?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fear is a Liar.

Fear lied to me.
It told me things.
Like not good enough.
Unlovable. Unattractive. Insignificant. Weak. And Unworthy.
Fear lied to me.
Told me to build walls.
Called me back when I should have moved forward.
Should have run. Should have believed.
Fear robbed me of me.
It spoke to me in a voice all too familiar. But used words that weren't my own.
And it led me nowhere. Fast.
Fear is a liar.
I am the truth.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Saw this license plate on the road this week. <3

What a week.

What a week I've had. I've been spreading love all around - from IKEA to the grocery store to newspaper stands. I've gotten so much nice feedback from friends and strangers and such amazing confirmation that this project - whatever it ultimately becomes - was the perfect thing for me to do at this exact moment in my life. 

And, the perfect way to end the week is being mentioned in Amy Oscar's blog post. How cool! Thanks Amy, I'm a big fan.

The story continues...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby steps.

I spread some love in Pennsylvania, yesterday. I slipped a note under my bill at a restaurant. When I walked outside, I expected the waitress (or server? what am I supposed to call her?) to come running out behind me saying something like, "I think this is yours." or "What is this?" or "Why did you leave this for me." But she didn't. Hope she liked it, she looked like she was distracted and not having a great day.